Pelican Parts

Pelican Parts

October 13, 2016 Steven 0

For the second time I have been irked buying parts at Pelican Parts (  The first time I was doing my COP upgrade on the z3 Read More

Hurricane Matthew

October 11, 2016 Steven 0

Holy crap major interuption in work, life, and blogging:  Hurricane Matthew.   Last week starting tuesday wednesday it was full on prep mode as Hurricane Read More

1998 BMW Z3

Meet Zed3

October 4, 2016 Steven 0

A few years ago I found a 1998 BMW Z3 on craigslist for $1500.  I had it towed home, fixed it, and drove it for a Read More

Coding Dojo Dev Bootcamp

Coding = $$$$$$$

September 27, 2016 Steven 0

Seen article about coding dojo classes on cnn.   I wonder if I could pass class or teach it?   I also wonder how well someone Read More

Bootstrap Invoice Builder

September 27, 2016 Steven 0

Bootstrap Invoice Builder This post is an ongoing article and demonstration of my abilities as I go to production using this application for my own invoicing Read More

1000 Mp3 Downloads

September 25, 2016 Steven 0

One of my friends producing music entered the Gareth Emery “Save Me” remix contest at  Most of the people that post remix entries get tons Read More

Moving on up

September 23, 2016 Steven 0

Going to be spending less personal time on webs while I move to a new house.  Been here at same spot for almost five years Read More

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