Free Invoice Builder

January 16, 2017 Steven 0

I replaced my paid billing solution with a free one page application I made and dockerized.   Boostrap Invoice Builder   You can read all Read More

DJ Webpages

DJ Webpages 1.0

September 17, 2016 Steven 0

It did not take long to get this Dj Webpages web page up and running.  I chose to skip wordpress and grabbed a free bootstrap template. Read More

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mBox Mp3 Downloads

February 3, 2013 Steven 0

Once MailBoxDrive started to be blocked by adsense, I created a new site on 2/3/2014.   This was a more mobile friendly Mp3 Download website Read More

Direct Link Upload

Direct Link Upload

December 11, 2011 Steven 0

By 2011 the mp3 download game was booming, abuse was high, I was blocking tons of mp3 download sites, and routing tons of mp3 song Read More



September 12, 2009 Steven 0

I started djing again in 2009 as DJ SSH.  At that time was living in Evansville, Indiana area.  Met a few friends and quickly started OMFG Productions Read More

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