End of Cpanel = Death of Traditional Hosting

Today I begin work of removing the last of my sites from my LAMP Stack running Cpanel WHM.  Down to just 40 accounts less than half are mine and will remain hosted.   Today it’s just not worth it to even deal with keeping a cpanel server, let alone paying for one and paying for the cpanel license.   The old ways of traditional website hosting are numbered.  I am currently paying just north of $100 a month for a pretty big server (ram, cpu, and hdd) + cpanel license and about 5 ips.   I am going to move all my sites to a $5.00 a month Digital Ocean droplet without any control panel.   I am going to stop using Cpanel for my main sceneserver email address as well.

To migrate from cpanel I started with a Centos 7 Digital Ocean Droplet at the lowest spec.


My sites are all very low level so nothing serious is needed.  This server will only have httpd running and mysql will be used on my current Digital Ocean Mysql droplet (online for 2 years).

yum install nano wget screen rsync php php-mysql php-xml php-mbstring php-cli php-common php-soap php-gd openssl git httpd

I then created home directories very closely resembling the domain names that they will be used for.  After that I rsync all of my sites cpanel public_html (after a brief cleanup) folders to the corresponding new folder.   Last but not least I edit httpd config to add my new virtual hosts for each site and restart httpd.

My next task is to tackle Mysql.  Every site that has a mysql database needs the database and access credentials.  Any easy task I ended up with about 10 databases with separate users.

After MySQL I now want to handle multiple ssl certificates on a single IP address.  This is something cpanel will not do and I am very glad that it is possible to now host multiple SSL sites on a single IP.  I have 3 sites currently running SSL certificates on the single digital ocean IP address.


Cpanel is Dead!