JetSki Junky

Looking around my blog I realized I missed a post about my jetski addiction.   Well over a year ago my gf and I found a stand up jetski on craiglist for $100.00.  I brought that thing home immediately and started buying more.  Now at purchase #9,  I currently have a 1989 Kawasaki X2 (building now), a 1989 Kawasaki 650sx, a 1992 Kawasaki 650sx, a 1993 Kawasaki 550sx, and a 1988 JS 300.

Holy crap thats a lot of kaws.

Currently there are 2 running, 2 being restored now, and 1 for sale.

I have learned many things about stand up jetskis and looking forward to finishing my current X2 build.   More soon as I turn this into more of a blog post!!