Wireless Speakers: Definitive Technology

When we moved into the new house, the old studio furniture didn’t come with us.  I really wanted a nice clean setup for the dj booth and sound system in the main living room.  This meant no big ugly speakers, cables, wires, stands, and table the right length and height.   I also wanted a wireless speaker system that would be expandable around the house as well as integrate with the television for watching movies.   I have done some research online but didn’t find much that had external input capability, especially RCAs.  The dj booth table was delivered wednesday, got gear setup yesterday, and today went to Best Buy to see what I could put my hands on.  I found Definitive Technology’s W Adapt and W7 speakers.   With the W Adapt comes 3 input choices (1/8″ aux cable, rca, digital).  This was what I needed.   A large sum later, I am proud owner of 3 very small pieces of equipment.

When I got home I set out to getting everything set up.  The process was pretty easy: pair my iphone to each wireless device (3),  tell it my main wifi system password, get it connected, and updated.  From there I was quickly able to play music on the W7s.   I was also able to use the W Adapt as a speaker output, and utilize its RCA outputs for a subwoofer.    I was not able to get the W Adapt to see or use the RCA inputs. Yet.  Support did not return my call, and waiting on email support now.    I did find a Definitive Technology Utility with a Control tab for the W Adapt device.  On this tab I can select from the 3 inputs, but there is no way to use them in the other Definitive Technology iOs Application.   In the main app, when I do (+) Line In – it reports back an error that Line In Unavailable :   “None of the detected devices in this network have the ability to stream audio coming from a line in source.”



UPDATE:  I have put this product into the DO NOT BUY THIS category.   I returned it the very next day.  The line in does not work.   My phone call to support was not returned.  Their automated system prompted me to get a call back versus being on hold for “6 minutes”.  That call never came.  I then contacted their support channel via email and got the following reply 7 days later:


Hello Steven,

The W adapt does not have a line in function. There will be a new W adapt where there will be a line in function. This will be called the W adapt plus. It should be out some time early this year.
Definitive Tech-Support