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Stats in a Weekend

A few months ago I did some work to automate my stores user tracking table to a local database accessable by my internal CMSApp.  I then made a series of basic stats:


These have remained and operated for quite some time.  They are not very effective at showing detail.  Yesterday I needed to show a measure-able difference per hour in the # of API Add to carts.   To do this I needed a u/i that would give visual stats at the hour level.  I needed something fast that didnt take weeks to create.  I quickly found http://canvasjs.com/jquery-charts/, came up with a working sample for “Cart Ads” per hour for 4 sample hours.  Within a few hours the page was working with 5 other metrics and all 24 hours in the day.  I made it operate to show today (live mysql), and allow looking back in time with archived database tables (local mysql).  On day two of the project I expanded it to include 25 different hourly metrics.

18 Custom Metrics Per Hour
18 Custom Metrics Per Hour

Next up I would like to make the pages report detailed analytics information and allow clicking into hourly views of each metric.


Perhaps another weekend I will find some time to make further improvements….