Alpha Beta Zero - CordyCept Remix

Status Level: Producer

So today I woke up to a very exciting message from Russia:  my CordyCept Remix won the QOMA Remix contest.  After over three years of experimenting with Ableton Live, finishing very few tracks, and messing around with tons of finished songs, I am finally reaching Techno Producer status with my first official release on Crossworld Records.  Spending over a year on the techno genre, I have completed a small techno EP without any releases.    For this remix entry I wanted a fresh project without any of my signature techno sound.   Pulling a remix contest is a great way to work with new sounds.   So I found the contest page at then spent just 13 total days working on the track in 6 sessions.   In the end what came out was a great blend of the original sounds and quite mistakenly my signature techno sound I so much wanted to avoid.    Making music is always a changing journey for me and I am excited to see this release on beatport, iTunes, and more.


Thank you to for providing the avenue to meet and work with QOMA.     Big thanks to QOMA over in Russia for appreciating my techno sound and making this opportunity possible. Thank you to Crossworlder Music for the release and logistics.