Amazon Prime + Amazon Video = No Cable Bill

So I shut off my cable tv service for the first time.  I have had cable tv or satellite dish for as long as I can remember and a monthly bill that has always gone up.  When we moved, Shannon and I decided we would take the plunge and try to go without a cable bill.  I am already paying for Netflix, which my daughter has used for years, but I have barely used it myself.   We use the Nintendo Wii for Netflix and the User Interface is just horrible.  On top of that,  where are the good ppv movies netflix?

On Thursday we had no internet, TV service, and no TV in the bedroom so I was watching a movie on my phone using my Amazon Prime account and the Amazon Video app.   It worked very well even on the Verizon data plan (no wifi as we had no internet yet).   Friday during the day I started watching a movie on my phone.  Then friday nite I got a TV setup in the bedroom, got it connected to wifi, got Amazon Video setup, and resumed the movie I was watching on my phone.   This fundamental breakthrough in technology is amazing to me and I am looking forward to other cross device compatible technology.