Scene Secure

I have had Scene Secure billing software for Scene Server hosting customers for a very long time.  At first I used Modern Bill and then WHMCS for the last 5 or more years.  Today I finally decided to stop paying for the license and using “billing software” which makes today the official end of Scene Secure and “scene” billing solution.  With only 15 active clients left in 2016 it just doesn’t make sense to pay the license fee ($15.95) and credit card processing($30.00+) anymore.  I do not really sell hosting these days.  I do have a hosting server and will continue to have many servers for my own personal and business needs.

Without a billing software solution I am going to quickly need a way to make monthly and yearly invoices for my internet services.  To solve this problem I have decided to build my own billing software with the same Keep It Simple concept.   Using a bootstrap invoice template,  I will create a basic software that allows me to very quickly create a customer, add an invoice, and schedule (monthly or yearly) for repeat invoicing.   Who knows I may even code it to accept payments as well.


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Free Invoice Builder