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DJ Webpages – automated image captures

It did not take long to get this Dj Webpages web page up and running.  I chose to skip wordpress and grabbed a free bootstrap template. I pulled almost all of the assets out accept a cool image tialer and the footer.   I then started process testing until I had a solid process to post a url, insert into database, wait for image generation, and process the final image into the website.  I can now automate this into routine and deal with feeding it urls and approving urls from website users.   I even had time to stop for breakfast on the beach with my friend Dee.

During the system setup I ran into a bit of trouble with the screen shot automation.  Some websites just dont translate over correct.  I have already checked out a few other alternatives that do a much better job of getting the real user view of a website.   There several services out there with paid screen shot APIs, but i want to keep this free source for now.  I will continue the path with the current method of Automating Website Screen Shots which at least completes the purpose of this quick simple one day project.


Total Time Invested:  3 hrs with 21 Total github commits

DJ WebPages GitHub Repository Here