Today Lost Wonder and myself created http://bpm.digital and a web system of urls to support our new Record Label:  bpm.digital.  For this Record Label project we aim to build an automated system to collect, manage, and release our music online.  Once this system is designed we aim to make it public and release a very aggressive schedule of tracks for last 2 quarters of 2017.  Our main goal is to fill a gap we see in the Record Label industry by letting the focus be releasing good music that might otherwise be rejected by other labels.  We also aim to tackle the very new concept, but very old to me, Remix Contests.

I have been involved with so many record labels over the years, it is kinda ironic I am finally starting one.  I even did remix contests over 10 years ago before ableton was even born.   Some of my first inventory and software applications were music distribution systems and record label management software.   With all this experience, the mbox system, and my web skills,  I feel bpm.digital is a way to exploit my skills.  It is going to keep me very busy for 2017.